Super Blue Boy Planet: 100% Achievements Unlocked


Another free flash game ported onto Steam, Super Blue Boy Planet never claims to be more than it is: a very simple, short 2D platformer with pixel graphics. With 21 levels and 4 bosses (well, 2 bosses that you fight twice), it only took me about 25 minutes to complete the entire game.

Achievements: 8

All unlocked through completing the game normally. As far as I can tell, there are zero secrets at any point, just a simple task of getting to the end of the level.

Music:  nice little chiptune soundtrack, nothing much to speak of, though.

Controls: I really didn’t care for your character’s glide/propeller ability. Maybe if the game was longer and had more time to tweak the sensitivity, it would have been better, but from the very short time spent with it, I was never able to get a complete handle on how to get the higher jumps. It all felt very randomized, which was disappointing, but never all that frustrating, as the levels were very short and had generous checkpoints.


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