The Plan: 100% Achievement Unlocked

The Plan, a 2013 game created by Krillbite Studio while finishing their main project Among the Sleep, takes all of 3 minutes to play. It’s amazing how much emotion they were able to pack into such an extremely short time. This will get put in the same category as Gone Home or Dear Esther, but… Continue reading The Plan: 100% Achievement Unlocked

Super Blue Boy Planet: 100% Achievements Unlocked

Another free flash game ported onto Steam, Super Blue Boy Planet never claims to be more than it is: a very simple, short 2D platformer with pixel graphics. With 21 levels and 4 bosses (well, 2 bosses that you fight twice), it only took me about 25 minutes to complete the entire game. Achievements: 8… Continue reading Super Blue Boy Planet: 100% Achievements Unlocked